Stephania suberosa


Description: Stephania suberosa is a dioecious climber, with a huge above ground tuber (caudiciform base) and deciduous aerial vining stems on the top. The small flowers are greenish yellow. It is occasionally cultivated as succulent
Tuber (caudex): Large, succulent, above-ground and interconnected, with a special fissued-cork bark. The caudex may weight more than 50 kilos and could be 100 or more years old.
Stems: Perennial becoming woody and covered with corky bark, 1-2 cm in diameter, young stems slender, glabrous. The annual climbing-stem (vines) will grow to 4 meters or more.
Leaves: Broadly to very broadly ovate, 8-14 cm long, 9-15 cm wide, minutely papillose, base cordate to truncate, apex very obtuse. Petiole 5-17 cm long, asymmetrically inserted, puberulous to glabrescent.

Caudex of plants differs.

Plant comes with little or without leaf.