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Chihiros Bio Magnesium 1Kg


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Magnesium is a major component of the sea water and is directly involved in the photosynthesis of coral symbiotic algae. The magnesium ion balance formula required by the natural physiological function of the coral is the ideal magnesium additive for the reef and the rock, so as to create a similar environment in the home.


镁是海水中的主要成分并且直接参与了珊瑚共生藻的光合作用。千寻生化镁 提供了珊瑚自然生理作用所需的镁离子平衡配方,是礁岩生物缸理想的镁添 加剂,从而在家中的礁岩缸里营造出一个和天然海域相仿的环境。