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Chihiros Bio Potassium 1Kg


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Potassium is an important ion in the sea water, reasonable potassium content can help the coral to absorb and excellent calcium ion, increase the intensity of coral, especially for blue, purple, green, red, and have a greater role. The use of a Chihiros high purity potassium additives can effectively improve the potassium content of the coral sea water tank, so that corals and other biological healthy growth.


钾是海水中的一种重要离子,合理的钾含量有助于珊瑚对钙离子的吸收及出 色,增加珊瑚的强度,特别是对于蓝色,紫色,绿色,红色的出色都有较大 的作用。使用千寻高纯钾添加剂能有效提高珊瑚海水缸的钾含量,使珊瑚及 其他生物健康茁壮成长。