Fluval Hagen Filter FX6 (1500L/Hr)


Fluval Hagen Filter FX6 (1500L/Hr) is backordered. We will ship it separately in 3 to 7 days.

With a performance rating of over 3500 litres per hour (900 U.S. gallons), the Fluval FX6 is truly a monster aquarium filter. FX6's powerful, integrated motor and massive canister capacity make this the premier choice for unparalleled filtration performance.

A high performance, large capacity, external canister filter, Fluval FX6 can easily and accurately manage the water conditions of fresh or salt water aquariums as large as 1,500 litres (400 U.S. gallons)

At the heart of this awesome filter is Fluval's Smart Pump Technology. Smart Pump Technology employs an electronic circuit board that continually monitors and manages the pump's performance. Impeller speed and force are constantly measured to ensure powerful output, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. On a 24-hour cycle, the pump will even pause and allow trapped air to escape, ensuring ultimate filtration efficiency at all times. Smart Pump' Technology also manages the pump's self-priming feature, an instant-start system that eliminates the need for manual siphoning and provides plug-in-and-start convenience.

A multi-stage filter, Fluval FX6 has separate, stackable media baskets that can easily be managed and allow you to customize media configurations to suit your aquarium's needs and optimize filtration. The large capacity baskets hold a total of 5.9 L of media.

Managing hose connections is a breeze with Fluval FX6's AquaStop Valves, unique Click-Fit connectors that allow you to disconnect the hosing in one step, for fast setup and leak-proof maintenance. The Valves rotate and are set at 55 angles for easy positioning. They can also be used to regulate water flow with no harm to the motor or its components

Fluval FX6 also has a purge valve that allows partial discharges of debris without having to move the filter, open the lid or disconnect the hosing.

Other convenient and innovative features include: a multi-functional aquarium rim connector to easily secure hosing in place; a clog-free strainer that prevents the build-up of solids that could impede water flow, and multi-directional twin output nozzles that create specific water flowsFor aquariums up to 1500 L (400 US gal) For use in fresh and salt water aquariums