BUNNY NATURE Rat Dream Expert (500g)


Bunny RattenDroom Expert is a complete diet for rats. The nutritional needs of rats and the latest scientific research were central to the development of Bunny RatDream Expert.

"This diet is suitable for diabetes-prone rats"

The composition is optimally adjusted to the natural nutritional requirements of rats. The content substances present are based on the natural environment of rats. Bunny really looked at the original diet of rats as it is in the natural.

Omnivorous (omnivorous) animals need animal proteins. The valuable amino acids are important for cell renewal and various metabolic processes.

  • With VitalPlus granivore
    Special mix of vitamins and trace elements
  • With high-quality powering ingredients
    Quinoa, Amaranth & Perilla seeds
  • With seeds rich in unsaturated fatty acids
    Pumpkin seeds & Linseed
  • With tasty flour and buffalo worms
  • Balanced Long-Life recipe
    All components are important and dosed correctly
  • Selected extras from the country of origin of the rats
    Oa Spelled, Oat & Wheat
  • VitalPlus granivore
    Special mix of vitamins and trace elements

Nutritional advice Bunny RattenDream Expert

Fill the bowl with RatDream EXPERT and let them eat it empty, then refill it again. Give high-quality bunny hay (eg bunny hay with mealworms) and fresh, lukewarm water every day. In their first 4 months you can optimally support your rats in the growth phase, by supplementing RatDream EXPERT with JuniorsExtraaan.

The Bunny Nature Happiness formula

Being happy starts with the right, balanced diet. That is the starting point. Rodents that receive tailored nutrition are happy and healthy. And rodents that do not have to worry about their next meal are particularly happy and healthy. That brings us immediately to the Bunny Nature formula. The Bunny recipes are always based on the absolute interests of the rodents. Bunny knows that for nutritional reasons it is necessary to make the feed ad libitum available for the animals. that way they can meet their needs every time without being overeaten or overweight. With its unique bunny recipes, Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced feed, the highest quality ingredients and a particularly controlled production ... to cover the nutritional needs of your rodent. as nature shows us. And that happens naturally without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers, added sugars, dyes & flavors.

Bunny about the Rat

The rat is a small, omnivorous mammal. This means that the rat is an omnivore and feeds on a multitude of foods. He belongs to the order of the rodents and is very social. In nature he often lives in groups of up to 100 animals. The life expectancy is about 4 years and he reaches a body length of 28 cm and a weight of 270 to 400 g.

The current black rat is derived from the brown rat. It originally lived on the mainland in the southeast of Siberia, in Mongolia and northeastern China. Nowadays the rat is found almost all over the world. In the tropics and subtropics he only lives in the cities. Even in Europe and North America, he often lives near people and buildings and he feels particularly good in partition walls or old drain pipes. Rats in free nature often live near water.

The rat has its own nutritional needs.

They continue to grow so that the feed has to provide the necessary tooth wear. Hardness, size and type of feed particles are important here.

The stomach consists of one chamber and is separated by a mucous membrane in one part without gland and one part with gland.

Small blind bowel
Rats have a small appendix. As a result, they can only process raw fibers to a limited extent. Therefore, feed with a raw fiber content of less than 10% is optimal.

Animal proteins
Omnivorous (omnivorous) animals need animal proteins. The valuable amino acids are important for cell renewal and various metabolic processes.

Increased energy requirement
The fast animals have a higher metabolism and therefore a special energy requirement.