NEO Media Soft (1L)


Most of the filter media on sales have alkaline properties.
In this case, the filter media itself can raise the pH in the fish tank.
however, NEO MEDIA SOFT has its own slight acidity.
Therefore, it is effective for slight acidic water that grows aquatic plants, shrimp, South American fish species.

Neo Media Soft by Aquario is a filter media for the biological filtering of aquariums. The porous structure makes waterflow through the media possible and gives perfect conditions for different important bacteria. Especially nitrifying bacteria, that are very important for a good water quality, are able to colonize the Neo Media.

This media is slightly acidic and thus, lowers the pH value. Therfore it creates great conditions for south american fish, shrimp and plants.

Neo Media Soft is delivered with separately packed bacteria that are activated as soon as they get in contact with water and start transforming ammonium and nitrite to helpful nutrients.


5 step manufacturing process

1, mixture 2.Primary molding 3. Secondary molding 4. Drying Process 5. High-temperature processing
It was kept at a certain temperature for a long time to uniformize the quality of the pores.