Chihiros Coral Pro Salt 20kg


Chihiros Coral Pro Salt is the ideal salt mix for reef aquariums,encouraging accelerated,healthy
Growth and enhanced vitality of all corals. Chihiros Coral Pro Salt’s unique formulation is created by blending natural solar evaporated salt (NaCl) Harvested from the waters of the exotic Sipadan reef together with other fine elements inducing sustainable coral skeleton growth.Each individual crystal of the harvested salt contains 45 of the minor and trace elements present in reef water and together with the other components of our formula,guarantees optimal levels of 57 elements,even in small water changes.Due to the unique production process,Coral pro Salt does not contain higher than natural levels of heavy metals and therefore does not contain organic binders.

Boosters for Coral Growth

All corals build their skeletons by absorbing the major,minor,and trace elements that they need from the surrounding water. Original research undertaken by Chihiros has shown that the ratio between Calcium/ Magnesium/Carbonates is paramount for the corals to efficiently take these elements from the water and grow.The balanced ratio between these elements as formulated in the new “advanced formula” Coral Pro Salt provides the basis for accelerated healthy growth of all soft,LPS and SPS corals,and is particularly recommended for growing out SPS coral frags.

珊瑚加强型盐 Coral Pro Salt

礁岩水族箱的理想选择,能促进珊瑚生长速度与健康,强化所有珊瑚的生命力。千寻珊瑚加强型盐(Coral Pro Salt)独 一无二的配方源于 -- 通过将采自马来西亚诗巴丹珊瑚礁附近且拥有丰富元素的海水自然蒸发得到天然原材料(NaCL), 经过混合这些纯天然原料,配置成具有高水平钙,镁和硬度且处于完美平衡状态的,珊瑚可耐受的海盐。每一粒采集到的 晶体含有来自珊瑚礁水域的 45 种次量和微量元素,通过联合配方中添加的元素,即使少量换水也能确保 57 种元素的自 然水平。基于拥有多年的制造研发经验和独一无二的生产工序,珊瑚加强型盐绝不含有高于自然水平的重金属元素,也绝 不含有化学螯合剂。


所有珊瑚在生长过程中都是通过吸收周围海水中的主要,次量和微量元素构建骨架。千寻公司的原创性研究证明,钙 / 镁 / 硬度之间的特殊比例,对于珊瑚从海中吸收元素以及生长起到不可磨灭的作用。在“加强改进配方中(advanced formula)”,配方中元素之间的平衡比例为所有软珊瑚,大水螅体珊瑚和小水螅体珊瑚的加速健康生长提供了基础,特 别推荐使用于珊瑚断枝繁殖。