Chihiros Basic Salt 4kg


Chihiros Salt is the idea salt mix for fish,Invertebrates,soft corals and low-nutrients SPS reef aquariums. Chihiros Salt is created by blending natural solar evaporated salt(NaCl) harvested from the waters of the exotic Sipadan Reef together with other fine elements resulting in a homogenic and balanced salt mix that is as close to real reef water as possible.Each individual crystal of the harvested salt contains 45 of the minor and trace elements present in reef water and together with the other added components of our formula,guarantees natural levels of 57 elements,even in small water changes.Due to the unique production process,Chihiros Salt does not contain higher than natural levels of heavy metals and therefore dose not contain organic binders.

Natural Seawater Conditions

When mixed with RO water,this formula exactly replicates the composition of Natural Seawater,creating an ideal environment for healthy reef and marine life.

海盐 Sea Salt

纯鱼缸,软体缸,软珊瑚和低营养 sps 缸的最理想海盐,它通过自然阳光蒸发采集诗巴丹珊瑚礁附近拥有丰富元素的海水 得到天然原料(NaCl),然后经过混合这些纯天然原料,配制成几乎与天然珊瑚礁水域同成分的海盐,并且实现元素间的 完美平衡。每一粒采集到的晶体含有来自珊瑚礁水域的 45 种次量和微量元素,通过联合配方中添加的元素,即使少量换 水也能确保 57 种元素的自然水平。基于拥有多年的研发制造经验和独一无二的生产工序,千寻盐绝不含有高于自然水平 的重金属元素,也完全不含有化学螯合剂。


用 RO 水混合,这个配方能准确的复制出与天然海水构成相同的海水,为珊瑚的健康和海洋生物缔造出一个理想完美的生 存环境。