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TROPICA 1-2 Grow TC (Blyxa japonica / 057)


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Blyxa japonica is a plant that only grows under water. It is found in low ponds, swamps and slow-flowing forest streams with a high iron content in the subtropic and tropic zones of East and South-East Asia. It forms beautiful relatively low-growing to medium-high grasslike bushes with very narrow green to reddish leaves. This Blyxa species is not overly difficult to cultivate if you fulfil some basic requirements: sufficient light (0.5-1 watts per litre or more), a CO2 supply and fertilisation with nitrate, phosphate, potassium and micronutrients. In an optimal environment and under sufficient light, the leaves will assume golden and reddish hues, and the plant will develop a more compact growth habit. Under insufficient light, B. japonica has a higher, lankier growth habit and it is green in colour.