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At Green Chapter, we carry a selected range of small animals pets products and accessories from food, litter, toiletries, feeder, drinkers, beddings, to cage and various form of enrichment toys and shelters. Check the products out at our physical stores or our online shop!

Bunny Nature for Small Animals

Bunny Nature provides a wide range of naturally-healthy and species-appropriate nutrition for small animals corresponding exactly to their original habitats and the needs of the animals, such as Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchilla and more.

Bunny Nature all nature BOTANICALS

»all nature BOTANICALS« by bunny stands for excellent structured food of the highest quality. The finely-tuned, component-rich mixtures were developed with a lot of know-how and attention to detail by veterinarians and small mammal experts, carefully mixed by the bunny team and lovingly filled by hand. Only the best components, which are pure and intense in flavour, are worth being used. Nature, the natural habitat of herbivores, is the model for the »all nature concept« which is 100% based on this.

Cage Enrichments for Hamsters

Check out the series of lovely villas, swings and stairs for your little fur balls!

Animal Guide: Rabbits

Roland Seah December 26, 2019

Animal Guide: Rabbits

Dwarf rabbits are folivorous/herbivorous (plant-eating) small mammals and belong to the taxonomic order of lagomorphs. They are mainly active at night and twilight (nocturnal and crepuscular), very sociable and live in social groups in the wild. As pets they should never be kept alone.

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