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ANS AL30 Mini Chiller


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Product Introduction:
1. Silent operation
2. Low in power consumption
3. Small in size
4. Easy to install and operate
5. Suitable for freshwater, planted and marine aquarium
6. Environment friendly
7. Controllable temperature

Technical Specification:
Temperature Setting Range :10~40℃
Pipe Size:9mm Pipe
Suitable Flow Rate:100 - 350L/H
Suitable for 10 : 30 Liter tank
Dimension:11 x 11 x 19CM 
Weight: 1.96kg

Package include:
1 x AL30 mini chiller
2 meter 9mm water hose

How to use:
Connect a mini water pump to operate the chiller.
Please take note:
Place chiller at least 10cm away from wall for hot air to expel from the chiller