Aqualighter 2 (30cm / Freshwater / Black)


AquaLighter, and your aquarium comes alive!

AquaLighter 2 modern LED lamp (30 cm) is designed to illuminate freshwater aquariums up to 45 cm long with wall thickness up to 12 mm. 
The lamp is extremely easy to mount and use. It has sufficient power and spectrum for almost any aquatic plant species, including the most demanding ones. The color temperature is identical to daylight (tropical noon). This ensures a natural look of your aquarium, with fish and plants appearing bright and attractive.

AquaLighter 2 LED lamps utilize the light sources that allow you to imitate the light scheme of all known aquarium types, such as Aquascape, Tanganyika, Malawi and others. 
The light sources in the AquaLighter 2 (30 cm) are super-bright LEDs manufactured by one of the world's leaders, CREE, Inc. (USA):

  • CREE XB-D Warm White - warm-white LEDs with color temperature 2700-3000К.
  • CREE XB-D Cool White - cool-white LEDs with color temperature up to 8500К.

The adjustable legs of AquaLighter 2 (30 cm) allow you to place the lamp above the aquarium that is up to 45 cm long and has a wall thickness up to 12 mm. The delivery set also includes a special mounting that allows to easily and quickly position the LED-lamp inside a standard aquarium cover as an efficient source of main or additional illumination. AquaLighter 2 LED lamps utilize a patented technology of protection from moisture and spray. Due to the transparent two-component sealant the LED lamp could even withstand short-term immersion into water without any loss of its efficiency.

The main advantages:

  • Ultra-modern design.
  • Super-bright LEDs from one of the world's leaders, CREE (USA).
  • Color temperature is suitable for any type of freshwater aquariums.
  • Spectrum of the LEDs meets the requirements of the majority of aquarium plants including the most demanding ones; your aquarium looks colorful and one-of-a-kind.
  • The LED lamp makes your aquarium look modern and more attractive without any cover.
  • High rate of safety and reliability. Even short-term immersion into water is completely safe and will cause neither damage to the lamp nor electric shock. The lamp is powered by DC driver with 48V safe voltage supply.
  • 3D effect: a minor natural disturbance of water under the AquaLighter lamp produces the effect of movement on the surface of plants and decorations; this makes your aquarium look more spacious. It's impressive indeed!
  • Efficient. Trouble-free operation up to 50000 hours guaranteed by the LED manufacturer, low power consumption
Voltage + frequency AC90~230V (50-60Hz) / DC~ 48V, 350mA
Color temperature, К 6500-7000
Power, W 11
Luminous flux, lm 1080
Length, mm 300
Size, mm 300х50х15
Lamp body colour Black
Ingress protection rating IP67