Aqualighter aPump Maxi



 is a two-outlets aquarium air pump for aquariums up to 200 liters volume and is designed to supply aquarium water with oxygen, the most essential and vital element.

For now aquarium air pump aPUMP MAXI is the smallest and the most silent two-channel pump in the world.

The pressure of air flow created by aPUMP MAXI makes it possible to use it in aquariums with water level  up to 80 cm! Due to the patented technology noise level is less than 40 dB.

The main advantages:

  • Not visible, not audible.
  • Works in aquariums with water level up to 80 cm.
  • Silicone air tube and air stone are included. 
Voltage + frequency АС 220/240V / 120-150V
Power, W 3
Noise level 40 dB
Maximum aquarium volume, liters 200
Maximum aquarium volume, gal 60
Size, mm 53х25