ATM Agent Green (4oz)


ATM products are all designed for maximum performance and efficiency. Agent Green phosphate remover is no different.

Utilizing lanthanum chloride, Agent Green acts as an ion exchanger and uses calcium to bind phosphate into insoluble beads. This is important because the phosphate will not dissolve back into the water while waiting to be swept out by filtration. This formula is relied upon by numerous public and private aquariums to keep their systems clear and free of nuisances associated with high phosphate levels. Safe for reef and all fish. Use as directed. Do not overdose. Used by ATM! For more information about Agent Green, contact us!

* Removes Phosphates Instantly
* Bound Phosphates Remain Insoluble Until Removed By Filtration!
* Reef Safe
* Professional Lanthanum Chloride Formula

4oz, Treats 1250 US Gallon at 1ppm

There is a wealth of material on the internet regarding lanthanum chloride and its effects on specific species of fish. This material appeared as a result of one company's formula of lanthanum chloride several years ago. The material is accurate, but Agent Green contains a different kind of lanthanum chloride formula and thus the material in question does not apply.

There are several ways to formulate lanthanum chloride, some of which are inappropriate for aquatic use. However, there is a way of formulating lanthanum chloride that is safe for aquatic environments. This way of formulation is what you will see used in public aquariums and, therefore, Agent Green. Unfortunately, some brands that came before Agent Green did not know one lanthanum chloride from another and this led to a wide belief that any lanthanum chloride is bad lanthanum chloride. This is simply not the case. So to conclude, not all lanthanum chloride formulas are the same therefore do not possess the same risks to livestock.

Agent Green doesn't have any known "poisonous" quality through ATM's extensive use of Agent Green at the oceanic level, commercial level, nor consumer level. To help understand why, here's a /realistic/ breakdown of what to expect when Agent Green enters a reef environment: When Agent Green conducts its ion exchange it creates a new product made of predominantly lanthanum, phosphate, and calcium. These "microfloculants" are in large part swept out by quality filtration and maintenance vacuuming. This lanthanum, phosphate, calcium product turns into an inert substance basically. Any residual smaller particles that might settle, if sucked in by corals, it would simply utilize for energy what it can (primarily the phosphate and calcium), and spit out what it can't utilize much like it would sand or any other material it cannot utilize.

Lanthanum chloride is an extremely powerful phosphate remover. Even the proper formulation of Agent Green requires not a lot of concentration, therefore it isn't. Agent Green is a light concentration of a safe formula..... double safe. Hobbyists should stick to the instructions on the bottle and they have discovered a safe, powerful tool for controlling phosphate that no other kind of phosphate remover can touch!