BorneoWild Flow Glass G2S (13mm)


Glass S Series

Specially designed for those who appreciate the beauty and discreetness of glass pipes but have problems mounting one because of obstructions like thick bracing, hoods and cabinetry. Because it's not restricted by a curve, you can set thedepth of the Fill or Flow S Series deeper than standard Fill Flow Pipes. It's also much easier to remove and clean!

Similary, the S Series Flow pipe retians the unique upward-angled funnel design of a standard flow pipe but ends it right before it bends. You can fit any inflow piping connection from awkward corners or over huge bracing and still get the elegant look in the water!

After connecting you can adjust the bell to face any horizontal angle you want. A great feature when you have limited options on the placement of the outlet!

160-111 FLOW G2 13 60-90
160-121 FLOW G3 17 120-180