BorneoWild Shrimp Soil (5kg)


Designed to provide a mineral rich and soothing water parameter especially for soft water aquatic shrimps, BORNEOWILD SHRIMP SOIL creates a natural look and practical medium that would be appreciated by experienced breeders and aquarists.

BORNEOWILD SHRIMP SOIL maintains a mild acidity and adequate General Hardness, making it most suitable for keeping of ornamental shrimps such as crystal bee shrimps, cherry shrimps, all other soft water fauna and invertebrates. The soil granules allow good circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate and support the growth of micro-organisms, thus providing an excellent alternative biological media to the eco-system. The abundance of natural minerals essential to shrimp keeping provide a rich soil system for optimal growth and breeding of soft water shrimps. 

BORNEOWILD SHRIMP SOIL is able to maintain crystal clear by absorbing impurities and brown tannin coloration released by driftwood. It reduces the presence of ammonia, thus allowing safer and faster introduction of fishes and invertebrates.

BORNEOWILD SHRIMP SOIL is created using a proprietary technique that hold the soil granules together, thus allowing it to not crumble into dust for a much longer period.

- Made from Natural Earth (天然土から育てられたエビ土)
- Contains essential trace minerals (ミネラル成分豊富)
- Absorbs impurities and tannins (不純物とタンニン酸を吸収する)
- Activates beneficial bacterium (有益なバイ菌を活性化する)
- Maintains ph 5.5-6.5 (PH5.5-6.5維持)
- Granules crumble resistant (顆粒の潰れを避ける)
- Clear water setups (清水のセットアップ)
- No need to rinse (水洗いがいらない)
- Add Shrimp within 3 days (三日間以内にエビを増やす)