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Chihiros Bio Calcium 1Kg


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Chihiros bio-Calcium is an ideal calcium additive in the reef rock, and can be supplemented with 70 kinds of trace elements. Coral growth rate more dependent on inside their bodies of symbiotic algae, Chihiros bio-Calcium provides the symbiotic algae photosynthesis required calcium and carbon dioxide, so as to form calcium carbonate precipitation, constitutes a coral skeleton.

千寻生化钙是礁岩生物缸理想的钙添加剂,可以同时补充 70 种微量元素。 珊瑚的生长速率更多地依赖于他们身体内部的共生藻,千寻生化钙提供了共 生藻光合作用所必需的钙和二氧化碳,以此形成碳酸钙沉淀,构成珊瑚的骨 胳。