Chihiros KH Buffer 1Kg


Chihiros KH buffer can promote and stabilize the coral tank, is one of the key elements to promote the growth of coral. In pure fish tank, stable and reasonable KH value is also a factor to prevent the fluctuations of the pH value, is the premise of fish health.

KH 提升剂

千寻 KH 提升剂是珊瑚维护必备的化学添加剂 , 能够提升、稳定珊瑚缸的 KH 值 , 也是促进珊瑚生长的要素之一。在纯鱼缸使用 , 稳定而合理的 KH 值也是防止 PH 值波动的要素之一 , 是鱼儿健康出色的前提 .