Chihiros LED E601H High Acrylic (60cm)


Amphibious tanks and special lamps for Moss cylinder allows light-moderate, leaving room for plants to grow, special support for transparent acrylic embodies the characteristics of the LED Light, as if floating on top of the fish tank, giving a sense of unprecedented openess.

Lighting Cover Size: W570 x D68 x H10mm
Stand Size: W600 x D112 x H96mm
Power: 36W
LED: 0.5W/each x 72
Color Temperature: ~7000K
Power Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Luminous Flux: 3500 - 3600lm
LED Lifespan: Over 50000hrs
Operasting Temperature Range: -20 to 40C
Compatible tank glass thickness: Max 8mm