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DENNERLE Anubias barteri var. nana 'Pangolino'

Anubias nana Pangolino is probably the world’s smallest Anubias! It was discovered when cultivating the Anubias nana ´Bonsai´, which is produced by means of meristem cultivation in our greenhouse. Occasionally, some seedlings would grow in our cultured plant beds with considerably smaller leaf size. By selection, we have isolated a couple of the “miniature plants” and observed them thoroughly. An important step was the test phase in an aquarium. In cooperation with Dennerle, Mr. Massimo Ianella from Italy has tested this new plant. After some time it became clear that the plant continues to grow steadily in this dwarf form. Being a creative collector of rarities, Massimo almost immediately came up with a great name: ´Pangolino´! This name is inspired by the scaled body of the Pangolin. The narrow leaflets of this new variety are often overlapping like scales.
During production as well as in the aquarium, the plants grow extremely slowly. For plant freaks, the ´Pangolino´ Anubias is a true rarity and a genuine enrichment among the miniature plants.

Please Note: This plant is currently very rare and only available in small numbers.