EHEIM aquacompact offers you an ingenious combination of internal and external filter. aquacompact can be simply stuck onto the glass: the pump with inlet, prefilter and outlet hang on the inside of the aquarium – the filter canister, however, on the outside. This combination provides you with a large filter volume and guarantees long intervals between cleaning. For start up you have fully automatic self-priming. You simply adjust the throughflow on the filter canister. And with various outflow nozzles ensure natural water surface movement.

There are 2 models for aquariums from 20 up to 60 l (glass thick max 6 mm). Both are fully equipped with filter media and ready to use.

Benefits of EHEIM aqua compact
Highly efficient filtration of small size aquariums Large filter volume
Autostart: fully automatic self-priming via the inlet integrated into the pump
Throughflow can be adjusted or switched on/off on the filter canister
Completely equipped with coarse filter pad, fine filter pad and bio-filter medium (SUBSTRATpro) 
Pump with extendable inlet grill
Adjustable outflow (nozzle/spraybar, wide jet nozzle, elbow and connection pieces included)
Comprehensive range of accessories