Farlowella acus


Coming in different varieties, many whiptail catfish (Farlowella Acus) make excellent additions to the freshwater aquarium. They combine unique looks with a peaceful temperament and are fascinating additions. They’re are a huge range of Whiptails to choose from, each have their merits. Some varieties demonstrate extraordinary behaviour, such as the Rineloricaria species, who walk using their mouth and pelvic fins like stilts!

The whiptail catfish are an armoured catfish with a very long and slender body. Their bodies are brown to black and as most cafish, they are suckerfish and can often be seen attached to a surface within the aquarium.

The whiptail catfish is a peaceful fish that does very well in a community aquarium. It will tend to keep to itself in it’s hunt for algae and will ignore other fish. Make sure the other occupants do not harass the catfish, and provide lots of hiding places to reduce stress.

Mature males that defend a breeding nest can sometimes be territorial, but any aggression is limited to scaring off threats or rivals.