Mistking Large Capacity Diaphragm misting pump


Don't think of this pump as an upgrade. Our pumps are great and robust. This pump is simply just higher flow. If you do not plan on going above 20 nozzles, stick to the standard pump. If you need to go above 20, go for this pump! You can use this pump with as little as 10 nozzles or with 70+ nozzles. It can run continuously for hours at a time EVEN DRY! This self priming pump is capable of producing 125 psi of pressure, it is also very quiet. These pumps are manufactured specifically for MistKing. Ready to go with 3/8" push in fittings. At 125PSI this pumps draws about 1.5A

Special Notes:

The most important thing that you want to remember is that you never want to install the pump higher than the reservoir. Pumps are self priming, but they will not pull water up from a reservoir with nozzles connected. The checkvalves in the nozzles make it difficult for the pump to self prime, even though it's a self priming pump. Self priming refers to pump when nothing is connected to it. You always want to have the bulkhead installed on the reservoir (never go with tubing over the rim, you will run into priming issues) and the pump should ALWAYS be gravity fed. Keep the pump next to the bulkhead or lower.

Pumps are very robust, but you want to make sure you don't run dirty water through it. Ideal water to use in the misting system is Reverse Osmosis. It will ensure long life of the system and low maintenance as it dries clear on glass with no waterspots. If you run crappy water, the nozzles will get clogged with minerals. Sometimes you can run vinegar solution to clear it up, sometimes you can't.