Mosura Excel


The new Mosura Excel Flakes is formulated to encourage fast growth and to provide a special diet for the brood stock of species like Crystal Red Shrimp, Red Bee Shrimp, Fire Red and Tiger Shrimp. 

It contains the wholesome goodness of carefully selected ingredients such as Shrimp meal, White Fish Meal, Squid Liver meal, Seaweed Extract, Artemia Meal, Shrimp head extract, Carotenoid, Cholesterol, Phospholipids, EPA, Gluten and Fish Oil.

These ingredients are micropelleted and pressed into flakes. The nutrients found in these ingredients are known to increase the shrimps' resistance to disease, encourage fast growth and improve ovary maturation of female shrimps.

Mosura Excel Flakes replaces the use of live food to promote growth and the maturing of females. By using the flakes one can avoid the parasites and diseases that may come with live food.

Please use ASSA Feeding Regime Matrix on the suggested feeding frequency between Mosura Excel, Mosura CRS Speciality Food.