Neoregelia 'Marmorata' (Hybrid)


Distribution and habitat: Neoregelia marmorata is an evergreen perennial endemic to Brazil. They can be found from sea level to 1500m (5000 feet), usually growing on trees and shrubs where they receive some shade.
Neoregelia marmorata have a set of leaves that form a water holding cup in the center of the plant. The cup collects water and decaying debris that satisfy the plant’s nutritional needs when the leaves absorb dissolved nutrients.

Description: Neoregelia marmorata are bromeliads with brilliantly coloured foliage which is arranged in a flattish rosette shape. It has leaves up to 38cm (15 inch) long and about 6cm (2 inch) wide, which are light green heavily marbled on both sides with reddish brown. Flowers are pale lavender-blue, small and contained in the cup. Only a few are open at any given time, but there are many of them, and they open over an extensive period of time.
Neoregelia marmorata are not usually grown for their flowers, but for their leaves. High light levels increases the colouring till the maroon turns wine red and almost glows.
It has no clearly-defined rest period; they normally grow slowly and more or less continuously throughout the year.