Revoreef ReefStart (Bacteria Starter) 250ml


REEFSTART is a scientifically formulated bacteria and enzyme starter to optimize the nitrification and de-nitrification process in both new setups and established marine aquariums.

REEFSTARTs quick-start formula ensures nitrifying bacteria establishes quickly in the bio-filtration, and at the same time providing essential enzymes that helps break down toxic organic compounds while the bio-filtration is being colonized. This makes REEFSTART very useful when starting a new filter-systems and maintaining healthy aquariums.

Features and Benefits:
1) Suitable for newly setup and established aquariums.
2) Bacteria count of more than 7.5 billion CFU per ml of Liquid.
3) Detoxifies and break-down Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and organic waste.
4) Fast and effective break down of toxic organic compounds.
5) Extended shelf life guarantees high bacterial count after activation.
6) Increases D.O (Dissolved Oxygen) level in aquarium by reducing C.O.D (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and B.O.D (Biological Oxygen Demand).
7) Non-pathogenic, environmentally safe.